Thursday, August 20, 2009

Contest Time

As we inch closer to a fun filled weekend, I got an email from Alan, one of our denizens and leading voices for the Convention.

The International Paper Modelers Convention Awards Committee is pleased to announce the 2009 series of convention awards. The 2009 Convention will be held October 23-25 2009, in Dulles, Virginia at the Hampton Inn Hotel and Suites.

For 2009 the popular "People's Choice" competition will return. Each convention participant and visitor will have the opportunity to vote on the model displayed at the convention that he or she deems to be the very best representation of the paper model art at the show.

Additionally, your committee announces the following judged awards:

1. Best Architectural Model. This competition was created to spur the inclusion of models of buildings, a category somewhat under-represented in recent years. Each succeeding year will have a different model category in the competition.

2. Most Unusual Model. There have been many of these in the past, and it is time that their creators and modelers are recognized.

3. Best Display Table. This award is to encourage more attractive and appealing displays. It is easy to simply put your models and items for sale on a table. But to make that table grab visitors' attention and make those visitors want to delve further into card or paper models is the purpose of this award.

Your committee is further pleased to note that the awards for each category will include (among other things) a mint, sealed Domus model. These highly sought after models are long out of print, and the models presented are among the the most sought after collectors items.

We hope that the 2009 competition will bring out the best in paper models created and built during the preceding year and that this year's competition will be as exciting at the one in 2008.

Your committee,

Alan Wheeler, Chairman
Donald Boose, Chief Judge

In addition to the mint Domus kit, there are extra prizes, like special glues, craft knives, and other goodies.

Better get building then......

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