Thursday, February 5, 2009

Making and Taking

I have mentioned the Make & Take table in a previous post, and I thought it could interesting to some to see some of the models which are provided to any visitor to the convention, to make and take.

I took some of the sheets, and built them, all of them took about an hour or so to score, cut, fold, and glue.

The schoolbus is a JSC designed model, and the two motoryachts and the Esslingen Townhall are from JFS Schrieber.

If you think making one of these models would be a good start for you or a young one, drop on in, spend some time cutting and pasting at the convention this October.


Anonymous said...

Rick, found you while googling paper modeling. I have a bunch of paper model - kits I guess you would call them - I bought in europe in the early 80's. I know i have some trains and a castle. Would any of your membership like to have them? I know I'll never build them.

Rick said...


I would be more than willing to take them off your hands, you can email me any details on how you would want to handle it