Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Housekeeping Facts & Figures.

I just got this email from Peter Heesch(yes the same one of H&B Precision Card Models)

Well it is unanimous no one received my email and the computer from which I thought it was sent has crashed, so no way to recapture - so sad - it was such a masterpiece :+). So let me try to remember what I said:

We are still on for our 12th International Paper Modelers' Convention over the weekend of 23-25 October 2009 at the Hampton Inn and Suites, 22700 Holiday Park Drive, Sterling, VA 20166 (phone 703-537-7800). The schedule is much the same as we have had in the past: Friday (23 Oct) set up starting 5/6 PM with a sandwich buffet; Saturday (24 Oct) open to the public (hours to be determined but probably 10 AM to 6 PM); Social adjustment hour and then supper starting around 8 PM to include normal auction. I am having trouble downloading the menus for both events and they will have to wait for the next update. Based on comments last year, I asked about lunch on Saturday - response was that they could provide that for approx $20-$24 with a minimum of 12 participants - if everybody agrees, we could perhaps get two different menus each with 12 participants - more to come on this.
1. Hotel room will be $79 vice $69 last year; we have ten king and 10 double queen rooms blocked at this rate, but can increase numbers if there is more interest.
2. We have two rooms based upon indication from last year that there would be more interest with advance notice (I hope that someone captured those who would have attended if they had know about the convention); one room is the Washington Monument combination room we had last year (approx 18 tables - cost $800.00) and the Caucus Room (one of the two we looked at last year with approx 10 tables for $400.00) if we need, but decision must be made by the end of September.
3. Friday sandwich meal is approx $20.00 with a minimum guarantee of 20 folks.
4. Saturday buffet is approximately $40.00 with a minimum guarantee of 25 folks.
5. With estimated 24 attendees, I suggest that we charge $110.00 just like last year which breaks down as follows $50.00 for both rooms; $20 for Friday and $40 for Saturday. I tend to lean toward one fixed price, but do not want to chase anyone away who could only attend meals (and help meet requirements - sorry about the cold economic fact) and definitely add to the atmosphere.
6. We have already paid $500 toward the cost of the rooms, but I would prefer to ignore that fact for the purpose of trying to maintain/improve the financial health of this wonderful event and get away from dependency upon the benevolent benefactors who have subsidized the event in the past.

I will take care of the newspapers and I hope that Peter Ansoff will take care of the financial details (Peter please provide everybody with an address to send their payments if you don't mind performing this function again this year).

Much has happened in the paper model industry since last year - PMI has changed hands and is now owned by an individual in California (sorry, but I do not remember the person's name). Effect 1 October, the Moewe Verlag/Wilhelmshaven will sell most of their business/line to Scheuer and Struever. Mr. Wolter and I will continue to offer most of his line (and any new ones developed by his new company) in the United States. Mr. Wolter is looking into the possibility of attending this year's convention.

Well that is what I can remember - sorry if I forgot anything. I apologize for spelling errors, but I am not certain that the spell check option will work on this version of my software.

PLease check the addressees and if you see someone who is missing please forward the email and let me know so I can try to add them to the list.

Still to come menus for selection.

Thank you for your patience and can't wait to see you all in less than two months.

If you want to be kept abreast of the convention news, and you trust me, I can send Peter your email so he can add you to the list.


Abby said...


My name is Abby Benner, and Chip at Fiddlersgreen talked me int o accepting half a table at the convention for my paper flowers. my web site is www.mini-quest.com.

I live 3 blocks from the convention, and this will be my first visit to the convention, as either a seller or a customer!

I would like updates on everything pleaese. I look forward to meeting every one in two weeks!

Thanks much,

Abby said...

Hi- I am Abby Benner, Chip from FG talked me into a table to the convention after he saw my paper flowers www.mini-quest.com. This is my first convention- I would like any and all information on the convention and to be added to the email list please.
Thanks so much,
abbyj999@aol.com or miniquest@aol.com

Shelley Noble said...

I'll be watching with great interest!

nanotheater said...

Is there a class schedule? sign up sheet? schedule of any sorts?

let me know