Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mark Your Calendars....

Or miss out on THE event for the discriminating(sic) paper/card modeler.

Just got word that October 23-25 2009 will be the weekend for the 2009 rendition of the Internationa Paper Model Convention.

We have asked the Hotel for 3 of their conference rooms, so we will have alot of tables to go around, and spread out, we also will be able to pick our own tables.

If you want to bring your kids/grandkids, we will also be setting up our Make It and Take It table, with models donated by Digital Navy, JSC, Schreiber, and Wilhelmshaven.
In past conventions, the M&T table was a hub of activity.

I guess I need to build some of the models that are usually used for the M&T table, and I will post them here, to whet anyone's appetite for the actual models.

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