Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am thinking of a date....

And you get to choose.

We just wrapped on the 2008 edition of the International Paper Model Convention at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Dulles VA.
Even though we took last year off, this year's edition was a hit, even with the late information push.

So with the euphoria of the past weekend still fresh, 3 dates were offered for the 2009 iteration.

In September 2009, the weekend of 25-27
In October 2009, the weekends of 2-4 and 23-25

If you want to attend or swing on through, check your calendar, and let me know.


Eric said...

I see the dates, but where do you think the convention might be held? And do you know if paper model furniture is also covered?

Rick said...


The Convention will be held at the same hotel as the 2008 event, the Hampton Inn & Suites in Sterling VA.
If you have built paper furniture, show it off, but there might have been people who have shown doll house furniture in the past